Sunday Services


UUCM offers Sunday services at 10:00 AM. Child and Youth RE is held during Worship Service, following the beginning portion of the worship service,  starting around 10:15 AM.  After the service there is a fellowship time in the Community Room and in the Sanctuary.

Childcare: Childcare is generally open Sundays from 9:45-11:15 AM in the Spruce Room, for children birth-kindergarten. The predominant curriculum for this age group is love, security and safety. When preschoolers and kindergartners attend, there will also be stories and activities from the theme-based Soul Matters curriculum.

Kindergarten – 12th grade students start in worship with their families. Around 10:15 AM the children are “sung out” of the service to head downstairs to their classrooms. Parents of younger students are invited to walk their children to class. RE classes are scheduled to go until 11:15 AM. Students 3rd grade and younger need to picked up from their classroom by their parent/guardian.

Upcoming Services


Each Sunday, members, friends  and guests of UUCM gather at 10:00 AM for a time of  worship, community, and reflection. This is followed by a social hour and other special events.


Sunday, February 23 at 10:00 AM  - Worship Service

The Sound of Resilience: Music as foundational to strength within ourselves and our communities. 

This service will explore the vital role music plays in defining our personal and communal resilience. From lullabies to anthems, we turn to music again and again as a way to connect, heal, celebrate, grieve, resist and empower. It is the soundtrack of our most private and public moments, putting into relief that which cannot be expressed through words alone. Join us as we share music and stories to strengthen us all. 

Worship Leader: Kelly Bertenshaw

Worship Associate: Laurie Moser

Monthly Themes


UUCM is part of the Soul Matters Sharing Circle and uses a monthly theme to guide worship and religious education. For the 2019/2020 church year, we’re exploring what it means to be a people of...

September: Expectation
October:  Belonging
November:  Attention
December:  Awe
January 2020:  Integrity
February:  Resilience
March:  Wisdom
April:  Liberation
May:  Thresholds
June:  Play 

Special Services


 During the year we celebrate many important days in the liturgical calendar:

  • Easter Weekend
  • Justice Sunday
  • Flower Communion
  • Bridging Sunday
  • Ingathering Water Ceremony
  • Earth Day
  • Day of the Dead
  • IOCP Sleep-out Weekend
  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter Solstice
  • Christmas Eve

Music Ministry


Music is a big part of Sunday Worship  Service at UUCM. Our music director, Paul Winchester, brings a lively  array of genres from folk to rock,  jazz to classical, and occasionally a little rap!  

Music is especially celebrated annually each spring with Music Sunday where the worship service is led by our Music, the service is alive with loud and vibrant music! 

The UUCM Band plays many times throughout the year, and includes drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and cello. 

UUCM also has a large and talented choir. They sing about once a month, and rehearsal about three times a  month. Once or twice a year, an Invitational Choir is assembled for  people who wish to sing in the choir but not make a permanent commitment. 

Musical performances and recruitment of guest musicians is also facilitated by the Church Council Music Ministry team, led by Sam Brandt and supported by Cathy Bujold.

December 26th - Gender Integrity

January 19th - MLK Sunday featuring Joyce Lyons-Tregaskis

January 12th - Beets, Carrots, and Kohlrabi

January 5th - Dear New Year, It Ain't Easy Being Human!

Christmas Eve 2019

December 22nd - Waiting for Ecstasy