We Welcome You...

Perched on a hilltop overlooking the waters of Lake Minnetonka, you will find the vibrant, caring community of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka. The congregation bustles with activity, not only on Sundays but throughout the week. Feel free to explore us online. Experience an even warmer welcome by joining us in person.

Our Mission...

To inspire, educate and serve as a welcoming congregation on a quest for meaning and purpose to create a community of conscience in our neighborhood and the world.

  • Inspire

  • We are a UU community seeking inspiration to grow spiritually in our personal lives and as a loving community.

  • Educate

  • We search for truth, meaning and knowledge in our pursuit of living ethically and growing a beloved community. We welcome and invite members and visitors to join us in our quest to learn.

  • Serve

  • We serve our members and community in efforts to create an ethical and moral world. We welcome all people of good will to join and contribute.

Message from Our Minister, Reverend Kent Hemmen Saleska